This service allows users to render the world from an arbitrary viewpoint within the limits of our models. The user can choose whether to render panoramic images or images which show the world from the viewpoint of a bee.

The current model has been acquired in Canberra (Australia), but we are currently working on other environment models, which will be online soon. Thus, visit us again soon!

Explanation of coordinate files

To render views at a given location or along a particular path a trajectory coordinate file has to be uploaded. It should have the following format:

x1 y1 z1 yaw1 pitch1 roll1
x2 y2 z2 yaw2 pitch2 roll2
x3 y3 z3 yaw3 pitch3 roll3

where x1, y1, z1 are the Cartesian coordinates (in centimetres) of the first viewpoint and yaw1, pitch1, roll1 the orientation of the camera or the visual system (in rad). Values of each viewpoint are separated by blanks, lines are separated by crt. Each line represents a different viewpoint. The currently allowed range for viewpoints is
( -2100 <= x <= 2100 )  ( -2000 <= y <= 2000 )  ( -105 <= z <= 500 )  (  -pi <= yaw <= pi )  (0 <= pitch <=0)  ( 0 <= roll <=0 )



To download an example path please click here. This example consists of 32 points, resulting in 32 panoramic and 32 bee-eye images. To download the images please click here.

The resulting bee-eye view for a point along the path looks like this:

Bee View picture

The resulting panoramic view for a trajectory point looks like this:

Panorama picture



We provide different models to render insect views. The models differ in the location, the acquisition time and the way we generated the respective point clouds. In the following we provide a brief description of the models which can be selected in the render engine at the bottom of this page.

Model 1: Acquired 13.02.2011, Location: Canberra (Australia)

Model 2: Acquired 13.02.2011, Location: Canberra (Australia), refined model


Render Engine

Depending on the number of viewpoints and the traffic on our servers, the rendering can take several minutes. Hence, please provide us with your email address and we will send you the link to the zip file containing your images as soon as the job is finished. The zip file will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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